Bench Grinders

Bench Grinders


  • Compact and mechanically robust
  • Conforms to IS 2538- 1963
  • Economical in power consumption

Constructional Features

  • 8" Bench grinder is of Cast Iron construction
  • Deep grooved ball bearings for ample load baring capacity

Wheel Specification

  • A 60-P 5-V 99 Fine for 152 mm - 178 mm and 203 mm
  • A 45-Q 5-V 99 Coarse
  • A 60 -P 5-V 99 Fine for 250 mm 1420 RPM Machine
  • A 24-S 4-B 14 Coarse
  • A 46-R 5-B 14 Fine for 250 mm 2800 RPM Machine

Wheel Guards

Heavy C.I. Wheel Guards

  • Designed to afford full protection to the worker with maximum freedom of operation
  • Fitted with adjustable spark deflectors to provide maximum safety to the operator
  • Fitted with easily-detachable covers for quick replacement of wheels.

Tool Rests

  • Adjustable tool rests ensure maximum grinding, fitted with a single mounting-screw that locks them rigidly in place, yet may be quickly removed for accessory attachments
  • They adjust completely for the exact grinding angle desired. Note the special wrap around ledges that permit grinding from both sides as well as the face of the wheel


  • Totally enclosed, naturally cooled
  • Suitable for intermittent duty, slim design of motor with the extra-long and bells assures ample clearance for grinding odd-shaped items and long stock
  • Windings insulated with Class F materials and varnished to suit tropical conditions
  • Three phase motors suitable for 400-440 V, 50 CY A.C. supply. Performance conforms to IS 996.
  • They are of the permanent split phase capacitor type
  • Rotors, dynamically balanced, assure extra-smooth operation


  • Rotary Switch on 3 Phase and Single Phase Machines


  • Ball Bearing grease, preferably SKF LGEP 2

Bench Polishers

HP : 0.33 to 1 HP
Speed : 3000 RPM Syn
Phase : Single (or) 3 Phase

Quality Approvals