Coolant Pumps
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  • Coolant Pumps

Salient Features

  • Dust and Splash-proof (IP 54) terminal box
  • Triple Protection to prevent coolant ingress into the winding
  • Position of conduit entry can be adjusted through every 90° by rotating the terminal box
  • Relative Position of terminal box to coolant out-let can be adjusted through every 90° by rotating the body
  • The mounting of the cover on to the terminal box is independent of mounting of the terminal box on to the motor
  • Earthing bolts provided
  • Sturdier shaft to prevent bending at pump end
  • Aluminium impeller offers high resistance to abrasion
  • Large passages prevent clogging of coolant
  • Dynamically balanced rotor ensures silent and vibration free running
  • Stator winding impregnated under vacuum to work in tropical climate
  • Class 'F' Insulation
  • High discharge with low power consumption

Coolant Pump is a combined unit of squirrel cage stator-rotor and uni-built immersion type centrifugal pump. These are used for the supply of coolant on the working surface of machine tools. Coolant pumps are fitted on the chamber containing the coolant and the pump portion is immersed in the liquid. Hence no priming is required.

  • SM1 is recommended for centre lathe, drilling, milling and light duty machine tools
  • SM2 is recommended for turret lathe, grinding and heavy duty machine tools

These pumps are suitable for all types of coolant having viscosity upto 150 centristrokes at 60°C temperature. Coolant pump is designed for continuous operation on 415 Volts, 50 Hz, 3 Phase supply and suitable for direct-on-line starting.

On request we can offer

  • Coolant pump for other voltages, single or dual up to 600 Volts and 60 Hz
  • ON-OFF rotary switch in place of terminal box
  • Pump for 240 volts single phase supply

Note : Due to continuous Research & Development based on Market Feedback models, shapes and dimensions are subject to changes without notice.Kindly confirm the dimensions at the time of order.


Note :

  • Capacity and dimensions are based on motor for 3000 rpm (synchronous) at 50 Hz.
  • The capacity data in the table relate to water with a kinematic viscosity of 1 sq mm/s at a total head of 2 m.
  • More precise capacity data can be obtained from the manufacturer's documentation
  • Threads conforming to IS 554 : 1985 (where pressure tight joints are required on the threads)

Cooling :

  • Effected by self driven, bi-directional centrifugal fan protected by fan cover. The type of cooling is IC 411 as per IS: 6362.
  • Motor with natural ventilation (TESC) or with forced cooled arrangement can be offered on request.



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