Inverter Duty Motors

  • Inverter Duty Motors
  • Inverter Duty Motors
  • Inverter Duty Motors



  • Winding design takes care of excess heat generated
  • Suitable for Speed up to 9000 rpm
  • Forced cooling on request
  • Motors are with a S.F. 1.15
  • Rotors balanced with an accuracy of 1 gm

Motors for VFD drives

  • We offer the entire range of motors to run with VFD
  • Constant torque applications like crane, hoist, compressors, auto cones, winding m/c, printing m/c etc
  • Variable torque applications like centrifugal pump , fan, blowers etc
  • Entire textile applications
  • Motors for constant torque application suitable for speed range of 1:10, 1:5, 1:2,etc can be provided. Depending upon the speed range Motors can be offered with forced cooling (IC 416). Forced cooling arrangement is available from 71 frames onwards. ,
  • Insulated Bearing on request
  • Encoder mounting on NDE on request



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